The student who
designed this tapa is
a Hawai`i island
native. For the
student, red
represents the power
of the volcano, the
energy that created
all of Hawai`i, and
Pele the goddess of
fire. The rows of
triangles represents
shark teeth to depict
the protecting
nature of the mano

Sharmayna KamakaSharmayna Kamaka

The WCC Nursing Pathway Program has changed my life forever. By caring for my community, mentoring CNA and pre-nursing students, I am able to earn my way to obtaining a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Degree.  It has given me tools to succeed and improve the health in my life and my ohana.  Through the Program, I have learned life lessons, leadership skills, time management, professionalism, and the importance of “e malama e kekahi e kekahi” (to care for one another). I have also gained knowledge in traditional Native Hawaiian healing practices, including lomilomi (massage) and la‘au lapa‘au (healing plants), which I plan to integrate in my nursing career. I have also gained a sisterhood with the many ladies in the Program who have been there throughout my entire nursing journey. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Jamie Boyd (the Program’s principal investigator) and the Pathway she built to help an underserved, non-traditional student like me attain my lifetime dream of becoming a nurse and serve the Native Hawaiian population and the community I live in.


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