The student who
designed this tapa
print reflected upon
her history of living
along the majestic
Ko`olau mountain
range to depict the
steep pali (cliff) and
difficult climb to
complete a college
education. Also
drawn is the makani
(breeze) that softens
the laborous strain
of the climb. The
student embraces
the Hawaiian saying
"Kulia i ka nu`u:
Strive for the above,
the summit.


Noe Hoapili

“The pathway creates positive change for healing, empowerment, spirituality, self-identity and cultural pride.  By incorporating Hawaiian cultural beliefs we not only preserve our endangered culture, we strengthen and support the productivity of native Hawaiians and non-natives by utilizing a cultural, holistic approach for healing through Hawaiian practices and health education ensuring the legacies of our küpuna continue. Inspired, we reach back with one hand while reaching forward with the other, creating an unbreakable link to our future as we pull each other out of poverty.”



Numerous studies show that most employees never return to their education once they enter the full-time workforce, so our pathway program encourages continuous student progress from Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), through Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to Registered Nurse (RN):


Kulia i ka nu'u:
Strive for the summit


Program Effectiveness
2007 – 2010
No. of enrolled students scheduled to complete135 
No. of scheduled completers completing the CNA program12391%
No. of scheduled completers who successfully transitioned10578%
No. of completers transitioned to Pathway Out of Poverty3230%
No. advancing to RN training1650%


There are seven (7) native Hawaiian ethics that serve as facets of our Pathway program:

  1. Ho‘omalu – Governance
  2. A‘o mai – Education
  3. A‘o aku – Teacher Training
  4. Hana – Employment
  5. Kōkua – Service
  6. Alaka‘ina – Leadership
  7. Lāhui – Nation

Ho'omalu (Governance)

  • Criteria
    • CNA, pass nurse aide certification, work or volunteer, enroll in credit courses
  • Earn your way
    • Work/volunteer 16 hrs/month
    • Student service of 8 hrs/month at WCC — teach lower levels
    • Student service of 4 hrs/semester with community partners
    • Work with one of 11 Pathway committees (Website, Fundraising, Volunteering, etc.)
    • Mandatory enrollment in pre-nursing training

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A'o mai (Education)

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A'o aku (Teacher Training)

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Hana (Employment)

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Kōkua (Service)

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Alaka'ina (Leadership)

Using the Nursing Process

  • Assess the problem
  • Diagnose the situation
  • Design a plan of action
  • Implement the plan
  • Reassess

Lāhui (Nation)

He makana aloha mai ka pu‘uwai:
A gift that is given from the heart

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