By synthesizing modern medical advances with native Hawaiian cultural values, Windward Community College's CNA–LPN–RN Pathway meets three accelerating needs of our whole community:
  1. better health outcomes for our aging population
  2. improved socioeconomic outcomes for our students
  3. a larger, more diverse workforce for businesses and organizations
Expanding our nursing pathway into a fully developed indigenous nursing program will require a government motion and allocation during a legislative budget cycle.
Because we currently have no indigenous nursing program in Hawai`i, we contract with Kapiolani Community College (KCC) to hold 10 seats/year for our students to transfer to their nursing program. This very costly venture is economically unsustainable. We must develop an indigenous Nursing Pathway that is affordable and sustainable.


Thank you for your continued interest in programs at Windward Community College (WCC). The certified nurse's aide program is currently being revised and will likely not be offered until fall of 2020.

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E Ulu Ka Maoli Ola

Sustain Native Healing

Windward Community College's CNA–LPN–RN Pathway “has about as many different meanings as does the word aloha. It means paying it forward and reciprocating the aloha that we received as keiki growing up in Hawai‘i. It means volunteering to help our communities thrive. It means educating our people with cultural and modern health practices. It means finding selflessness a fulfilling reward. Most importantly, it means learning to become a leader by living and practicing all that I learned for the opportunity to continue this lifestyle as an RN.

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