Blue represents the
ocean and people in
the ocean trades.
The canoe sailing
across the ocean
represents the sign
of Ke alo; to cross
paths and befriend

others in the South
Pacific. Our travels
take us across many
mahina (moons).
The different moon
phases symbolize the
different phases in
life. The double
hauled canoe
symbolizes our
journey together
regardless of

Chante Carter

Chante Carter

I have been with the pathway for about 2 years now. During my time here I have become a CNA working at Castle Medical Center and I am also a nursing student at Chaminade University of Honolulu (CUH). The program has helped me gain much experience in healthcare and giving back to my community. One of my biggest improvements here in the pathway has been the gain in “confidence.” The confidence needed to believe in myself as a student and as an acquiring nurse someday. The program is built so that we all can succeed and that no one is left behind. The preparations that have helped me gain much knowledge include the nurse prep classes offered by the program, clinical experience at Lunalilo Care Home, and from the other Kuleana members who help to guide and mentor us throughout our education. I am very grateful to have found this program and to be a part of it, as it has helped me to better prepare for the long road ahead in my nursing career at CUH. I am now in my first semester at CUH, and I feel that without this program I would not have gotten this far.


Ho`olaule`a 2015

Ho`olaule`a 2015

Students in the Nursing Pathway provide volunteer service to our community at the Windward Community College Ho'olaulea.

Our goals for the future

In order to achieve our goals, the Nursing Pathway Out of Poverty will strengthen our relationships with current partners and form new partnerships in order to:

1. Develop a sustainable International College of Indigenous Nursing

2. Reduce our dependency on cuurent funders

3. Increase our awareness of community needs

4. Increase service learning opportunties that enhance employment skills

5. Increase internship connections between college training and real world experiences

6. Increase local and national awareness of the Pathway out of Poverty that is based on traditional native Hawaiian values

7. Plan profitable fund raising and service learning activities to support educational training for all students who desire to earn a career in nursing through indigenous training


Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn about the Windward Community College, CNA-LPN-RN Nursing Pathway out of Poverty.

To learn about our fundraising efforts, please check out the Fundraising tab or for more information about donating to keep students in college contact us at:, or call (808)235-7328.

 Maka'ala ke kanaka kahea manu:
A man who calls birds should always be alert